How to Solve the ‘AUbisoft Service Is Currently Unavailable Error?

AUbisoft service is currently unavailable

The A Ubisoft service is currently unavailable error is represented by Uplay when launching aUbisoft. Uplay is used to manage digital distribution, DRM, multiplayer, and communications for Ubisoft games, and it’s a vital part of each Ubisoft game. The error arises when trying to launch a game or to log in to Uplay on your … Read more

How to Compress a Video File: Tools for Reducing Video Size

How To Compress A Video For Email

Before knowing how to compress a video file, you must know what video compression is. Some file-sharing services hold a sort of file size limit. Compressing video files assists you to fit beautiful and dynamic content into your message without losing quality or taking a lengthy download period on the users’ end. Video compression happens … Read more

How to Add Audio to Google Slides in Easy Steps

How Do You Add Audio To Google Slides

How to add audio to google slides? Although Google Slides is a straightforward and intuitive tool for creating presentations, its animation limitations mean that slides can lack oomph. An informal way to bring movement and dynamism to your slides is by adding audio or video. In this blog post, we will tell you how to … Read more

[100% FREE Method] How to Create Free Edu Email Address in 2021

free edu email

Are you exploring to know how to create free edu email? Edu email only for the student ( US citizens), But if you are not a student and want a .edu email for discount plans without being in school, this is the correct article. With our method, you can make a free Edu email example … Read more

How to Gameshare on PS4 with Friends?

Gameshare On Ps4

Are you exploring to know how to gameshare on PS4? The term gameshare refers to the method of sharing digital video games with someone else. You can share physical games by letting someone borrow the disc. But with digital games, you usually don’t have a way to do something like this. You can log into … Read more