How to Fix Xbox One Mic Not Working Issue in 2021

Mic Not Working Xbox One

Are you searching to know how to fix Xbox one mic not working issues? Many Xbox One gamers have got a frustrating problem with their devices — the microphone they use on their Xbox One controller can’t work correctly. This occurs when they try to use their headset to chat with their friends. You may … Read more

How to Fix GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003 Error

Geforce Experience Error Code 0X0003

Occasionally you may see an error message like ‘Something went wrong. Try rebooting your PC and then launch GeForce Experience Error Code 0x0003’ on your PC with a Windows 10 OS. Don’t worry. We have seen various Windows users are also reporting this error message. More importantly, you can reasonably resolve it by yourself. Here’re … Read more

How to Fix Unspecified Error 0x80004005 in Windows 10?

Error 0X80004005

Error 0x80004005 is rendered as an undefined error and is normally seen when the user cannot access Shared Folders, Virtual Machines, Drives, and also when the Windows Updates unable to install. Troubleshooting this error depends on where and how the error report is being arisen from and since the error does not clearly tell you … Read more

Fallout: New Vegas Cheats Code and Commands

Cheats For Fallout New Vegas

ant to know all the Fallout: New Vegas cheats code and commands? Simply follow this guide, we have listed a few of the important and most used cheat codes here. Fallout: New Vegas is the 4th chapter of the Fallout series of action role-playing video games by Bethesda Soft works. Fallout: New Vegas Cheats:Item codes  … Read more

Windows 10 Search Not Working? Try Easy Fixes

Search Bar Not Working Windows 10

If you encounter Windows 10 search not working and you are looking for some fixes, then you have come to the correct place. One of the most helpful features of Windows 10 is the facility to search the data on your computer or laptop, as well as the internet, immediately from the search box on … Read more