What Is WMI Provider Host & How to Troubleshoot High CPU Issues?

What Is A Wmi Provider Host

Wants to know what is WMI provider host? You may have noticed that the WMI Provider Host is hogging your computer CPU usage. When the CPU usage in Task Manager shoots up, your PC runs down. Many Windows 10 users are reporting this problem as well, and you’re not alone. Annoying as it looks, you … Read more

What is IDP.Generic and How to Remove IDP.Generic Virus Warning?

Idp Generic

You might have recently been affected by a new virus or malware – or so your anti-virus says. Many users get an alert that idp.generic has been discovered on their system, often from otherwise harmless programs. For example, many users report this arising from Spotify Web Helper. This signal can either be malware or a … Read more

How to Resolve an Unexpected Store Exception Error in Windows 10

Stop Code Unexpected Store Exception

How to resolve an unexpected store exception error? While Windows 10 is a remarkably steady operating system associated with earlier releases, it isn’t bug-free by any means. From time to time, any computer system can break or fail, and Windows is no different. For most Windows users, this is usually combined with a blue screen … Read more

How to Fix Hard Drive Not Showing up Problem in Windows 10?

Seagate External Hard Drive Not Showing Up

Are you here to know how to fix hard drive not showing up in windows 10? While it can be fixed, the hard drive not showing up in Windows 10 issue is a distinct problem. Your computer needs a hard drive to store local data such as your files, software (including the Windows 10 system), … Read more

How to Resolve Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation high CPU usage

Audiodg Exe Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation

Having a slow PC can be immensely frustrating and even dangerous at times. It would be best if you ever were careful of your CPU usage: running at high %s can eventually lead to damage to your processor. Many applications and methods can eat up your CPU usage; Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation is one. … Read more