How to Fix Unspecified Error 0x80004005 in Windows 10?

Error 0x80004005 is rendered as an undefined error and is normally seen when the user cannot access Shared Folders, Virtual Machines, Drives, and also when the Windows Updates unable to install. Troubleshooting this error depends on where and how the error report is being arisen from and since the error does not clearly tell you what the actual cause is, even in Microsoft Manuals it is described as “Unspecified Error“.

By following this guide, you should be able to fix the error. We have got working solutions for a variety of scenarios and put them into this guide. Please read the headings below, and then use the solution that is relevant to your plot.

Error Code 0X80004005
Error Code 0X80004005

Causes of Error 0x80004005 

Error 0x80004005 typically occurs when you access shared folders or drives, when you use distinct programs, or when there is an issue installing Windows updates. Here are the most frequent causes of error code 0x80004005:

  • Updating software
  • Installing a Windows update or a software
  • Setting a connection with a network
  • Getting emails in Outlook
  • Accessing a shared network resource
  • Starting a virtual machine
  • Unzipping a compressed file

Fixes for Error 0x80004005

Open the File and Folder Troubleshooter

The official File and Folder Troubleshooter of Microsoft might come in handy for solving the Error 0x80004005 Undefined error. The troubleshooter can resolve system errors about editing, copying, and deleting folder and file names.

Here are the steps to open the File and Folder troubleshooter in Windows OS:

  • Open the official website in your browser to download the troubleshooter.
  • Click on the Download option on that page to download the troubleshooter.
  • Next, open the File and Folder Troubleshooter from the file you saved it to.
  • Press Advanced and choose the Apply repairs automatically option.
  • Then click the Next button.
  • Select one of the options shown on your screen, and then click on the Next button.

Restart Update Services

Windows uses lots of services to get and install the updates which Microsoft continually sends. If these services aren’t running correctly, errors like the 0x80004005 may occur. For this cause, it can be a great plan to restart these services, which you can also perform through the command prompt. Just run it as an administrator, then type the subsequent commands one after the other to finish the services:

  1. net stop wuauserv
  2. net stop bits
  3. net stop trustedinstaller
  4. net stop appidsvc
  5. net stop cryptsvc

Next, restart the services by entering these commands:

  1. net start wuauserv
  2. net start bits
  3. net start trustedinstaller
  4. net start appidsvc
  5. net start cryptsvc

Manually Install the Update

If error 0x80004005 still happens in the Update Center despite your tries to use the fixes shown here, you can attempt manually downloading and installing the appropriate files for the update. For this goal, write down the associated knowledge base number and insert it into the search pane of the online Microsoft Update Catalog. You will then get a list of the update’s installation folders for the different architectures. Here you only require to search for the version that’s appropriate for you.

Once the download is available, open the download msu file by double-clicking. Obey the directions and then restart the computer to finish the update process.

Check and Repair System Files with SFC

If the installation of a Windows update is obstructed, this can be due to corrupted or lost system files. In this situation, you can resolve the issue using the command line application System File Checker (SFC), which is installed as standard on each Windows operating system. Though, this resolution only works if you own administrator rights. That’s because you require to run the command prompt as administrator to begin the SFC. If you satisfy these needs, you can begin the system tests as follows:

  1. Enter cmd into the Windows search.
  2. Open the command prompt with a right-click and then tap on Run as administrator.
  3. Insert the command ‘sfc /scannow’ and hit the Enter key on Keyboard.

Problems In Activation

Error 0x80004005 just needed the activation of Windows correctly. You may also go through the official website for the activation process of Windows. You just have to catch the moves listed below:

  1. Press the start button.
  2. Next, select the setting -> update and security.
  3. Then, press on the activation
  4. Next, then select troubleshooter.

Lastly, you have to verify whether the issue is fixed or not. If not, then it could be due to a different error.

Clean Boot Windows

To assure there’s no adverse software (like anti-virus software), clean boot Windows. Clean booting Windows will tear down the startup applications and start Windows with the least drivers. Here are the steps for how you can clean boot Windows:

  • Open the Run accessory by pressing the Windows key + R button.
  • Type msconfig in Run and tap OK to open the System Information window displayed right below.
  • Choose the Selective startup option at the General tab.
  • Uncheck the Load startup items checkbox.
  • Choose both the Load system services, after Use the original boot configuration options.
  • Choose the Services tab displayed right below.
  • Then press the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
  • Tap the Disable all button.
  • Tap the Apply > OK buttons to confirm the afresh selected settings.
  • Click the Restart button on the System Configuration dialog box that starts.
  • Next erase, rename, or extract the necessary folder or file after the clean booting of Windows. Consequently, you can restore Windows to the standard startup configuration by the System Configuration window.

Use a different user account

If the error continues, use a different user account. This error code might arise due to lacking user permission settings. If you have not got another user account previously created on your PC, add a new one and then check if the issue continues.


We hope that this guide had assisted you to fix your issue. Error 0x80004005 may appear difficult to solve, but not surprisingly it is. We wish you have resolved this problem and this guide had contributed much to it. If none of these steps work, or if you don’t need to make modifications to the Windows Registry, reach to customer care for your Windows Computer.

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