Here Are The 9 Best Instagram Story Apps

In addition to sharing your Instagram Stories, you can share your posts and links to your Instagram Account to drive traffic to your website and engage with your niche audience by posting your stories online. Because of this, Instagram Story apps encourage brands and influencers alike to post more visually appealing content.

You may not know that Instagram has a feature called “Stories,” through which users can post a mixture of photos and/or videos that will expire after 24 hours.

With the help of apps, you won’t need a graphic designer since there are already a lot of applications available that satisfy your graphic design needs; however, remember that I said “a lot”. in this article, I will tell you about the 9 best instagram story apps that you should use today.

Unfold Amazing App

Unfold, an Instagram Story editor created by Squarespace, is an amazing app that I use when editing my Instagram stories! There are many amazing design templates they’re using, ranging from elegant to minimal.


  • (Free and paid) 400+ template collections
  • Includes built-in editing tools and filters for photos and videos
  • Text fonts, stickers, GIFs, and other tools exclusively for You

Storyart / Artory App

StoryArt (or Artory on iOS), one of the best Instagram Story platforms that has an enormous number of templates to choose from, is one of the top Instagram Story apps. They also keep on adding new designs every month, so no matter what the event or the season, there is surely a design that will match!

Advantages Include:

  • In addition, there are over 3,000 template collections (mixed with paid and free ones) – some are animated ones
  • This software is equipped with powerful photo and video editing tools as well as several filters (including more than 30 music soundtracks)

Seen-Amazing App For Stories

The makers of Facetune 2 (Lightricks) have created the app so you will never ever be bored to take Instagram stories again! There are many different templates available on their site, which gives you plenty of options to let your creativity shine.

Features include:

  • Over 1,000 template collections (free and paid, depending on the user’s needs) – many of which are animated templates
  • An array of photo and video editing tools as well as filters;


The Canva is an online application that lets anyone design regardless of whether they have any experience in graphics or not. No matter if you’re a professional or not, this application has it all! It provides both professional and fun resume templates.

This product features:

  • There are more than 60,000+ collections of templates (including animated templates) online (for free or for a fee – some of which are animated)
  • There are also an array of tools like filters and edit tools to help you create your own design
  • Exclusive text and sticker fonts, stickers, GIFs, and other tools including animated text effects

Photogrid For Insta Stories

Easy collage app for Instagram stories that lets you create picture or video collages. Instagram Stories templates are available in PhotoGrid.

With it, you can create customised images with filters, stickers, fonts, and photo effects. Other features of the app include removing the background or clipping objects from a picture.

What’s in it:

  • Over 300 collage templates
  • plus makeup and beautifying
  • smart filters as well as a live-streaming camera for selfies

Typorama – Insta Story App

Check out Typorama if you are looking for an app that lets you add a fun, eye-catching text overlay to Instagram Stories.

It gives you the ability to create beautiful typography with ease. Simply choose a background and begin typing. There are more than a dozen typographic layouts to choose from with the app, along with many different font and typeface options.

Features include:

  • Numerous types of typography
  • with over 100 fonts
  • to customize your text
  • gradient effects, shadows, and distortion

Microsoft Hyperlapse App

Time-lapse videos can be easily and quickly created and shared on Instagram Stories using this app. Create time-lapses or optimize your existing videos with this app. Time-lapse videos cannot last longer than 20 minutes.

Some key features are:

  • Directly record time-lapse videos.
  • Extend the speed of existing videos by up to 32x
  • Compatible with high-resolution videos


It allows you to cut a long video into 15-second segments and upload them to Instagram Stories. Posting an Instagram Story that is longer than 15 seconds is one of the key challenges. In this app, you can record continuous 15-second videos and upload them directly to Instagram Stories.

A few key features are:

  • Creates 15-second clips from long videos
  • with support for all video formats

Over To Create Instagram Stories

Every time I need to make quick designs with catchy text, Over is my go-to app! For branding purposes, you can create personalized logo designs.

It Includes:

  • Built-In Editing Tools As Well As Filteringin Photo And Video Editing Tools As Well As Filters
  • Stickers, Fonts, And Other Tools Available Only At Weptess


You can use Instagram Story editing apps to add a little something extra to your stories, which will captivate your audience and make them stand out from the crowd. You can use these apps no matter whether you are a brand or an influencer to reach your audience in a more visible and effective way.

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