How to Copy and Paste on a Chromebook in 2021: Multiple Ways

How to copy and paste on a Chromebook? If you just got your Chromebook in 2021 and would like to learn the basics, including copying and pasting on your Chromebook, then you have come to the right place. The purpose of this article is to show you how to copy and paste text, files, and folders on a Chromebook.

Further, we have also provided some techniques on how to copy and paste commands while using the Linux Terminal on a Chromebook if you use Linux on Chrome OS. Lastly, we have included the native Clipboard History feature and some powerful third-party clipboard managers for the most productive experience. All that being said, let’s learn how to use the Chromebook in 2021 and how to copy and paste.

how to copy and paste a link on chromebook
how to copy and paste a link on chromebook

Steps to Copy-Paste on the Chromebook 

First, we have shown you how to copy, cut, and paste using Chrome OS standard keyboard shortcuts. Then, we have explained how to copy and paste Linux commands into the Terminal app. You may find some excellent tools in the Clipboard History section if you are familiar with these shortcuts. Let’s start from the beginning.

Copy Files, Folders, and Text on a Chromebook 

We have similar copying features to Windows systems. The item will be copied if you hold down the Ctrl key and the C key on your keyboard simultaneously. Any item can also be copied by right-clicking and selecting ‘Copy.’

  • Copy Shortcut: Ctrl + C

Paste Text, Files, and Folders on the Chromebook

Copying and pasting items on a Chromebook are identical to other operating systems. Simply press the Ctrl key and V key simultaneously. The context menu of the right-click also contains a selection entitled “Paste”.

  • Paste Shortcut: Ctrl + V

Paste Text without Formatting

We don’t always want to carry the text with its inherent formatting when researching and writing from various sources. On a Chromebook, you can use this handy shortcut to paste text without formatting. It’s a handy shortcut, and I am sure you are going to love it.

  • Shortcut for Pasting Plain Text: Ctrl + Shift + V

Cut Text, Images, Files, and Folders

Pressing X and Ctrl at the same time will also allow you to move texts and files around. In addition, you can also right-click any item and choose “Cut.”

  • Cut Shortcut: Ctrl + X

Copy and Paste Pictures on Chromebook

You need to follow the same keyboard shortcut for texts and files if you want to copy and paste images or pictures on your Chromebook. Using the shortcuts “Ctrl + C” and “Ctrl + V” you can copy and paste images. To copy an image, right-click on it and click on “Copy.” To paste it, right-click on a blank space in any folder and click “Paste.”

Paste Pictures, Screenshots Straight in a Media Field on the Chromebook

The Chromebook copy-paste shortcut I use most often is this one. You can, for instance, paste a screenshot on a Chromebook into an image editor, in Gmail’s compose box, or into any other media field. Saves time and effort by eliminating clicking and other hassles. Chrome OS automatically copies the screenshot to the clipboard when you take a screenshot. This allows you to paste the screenshot anywhere. You don’t have to perform anything specific to apply this feature.

  • Shortcut for Pasting Screenshots: Ctrl + V

In Chromebook, Copy and Paste Commands on the Linux Terminal 

Use these handy shortcuts on your Chromebook to copy and paste commands if you use the Linux Terminal frequently. Using a touchpad or mouse is the best way to select a command line. You don’t have to perform any shortcuts to copy it – just select it and it will be copied automatically.

To paste the copied command, right-click on the Terminal, and it will be added immediately. It couldn’t be easier. You may also use keyboard shortcuts. Just hit the traditional copy-paste hotkeys on the Chromebook.

  • Copy : Ctrl + C
  • Paste: Ctrl + V

To customize the copy and paste behavior on the Linux Terminal, right-click on the Terminal and select “Settings.” Select “Keyboard and mouse” and scroll to the bottom.

Clipboard History: The Latest Style to Copy-Paste on the Chromebook

Here is a powerful new tool, Clipboard History, that you can use when copying and pasting items on a Chromebook. This tool allows you to copy multiple texts, images, or screenshots, and the last five items copied will be stored.

Select the appropriate item from the list and paste it in the input field whenever you want to paste something. This is similar to what we have on Windows 10, which is also known as Clipboard History. In case you don’t like the restriction of only five copied items, you can check out the third-party clipboard managers that I have listed below.

Native Clipboard History Tool on Chromebook

The Clipboard History tool has been added to Chrome OS, as I mentioned above. You can open the tool by pressing the “Search + V” keyboard shortcut if you are running Chrome OS 86 or above (most likely you do).

Using this tool, you can view the last five items copied. This includes both texts and images, which is fantastic. Press the shortcut on any text or media field, select the correct item, and hit enter to paste it instantly. You will save a great deal of time this way since you will not have to look through scores of pages to find the last copied time. It is quite ingenious. In addition, you can also right-click and click “Clipboard” to open the Clipboard History tool on your Chromebook.

Clipboard History Pro

Chromebooks have some of the best copying and pasting tools. Check out Clipboard History Pro. From the right-click context menu, you can copy multiple texts and paste a particular item. You can use it on most computers, regardless of the operating system. This Chrome extension is not entirely free, and you have to pay for features such as page widgets and floating mode. It does not support images, unlike native Clipboard History, which is also a disappointment.

Steps to Copy and Paste Pictures, Texts on a Chromebook Like a Pro

That was our deep dive into Chromebook and how we can copy and paste items in more than one way. Besides explaining how the operations are performed, we have included our standard keyboard shortcuts as well as manual steps.

In addition to that, we also mentioned Linux Terminal copy-paste shortcuts. Additionally, if you want to become a Chromebook copy-paste pro, you can use the native Clipboard History tool or the third-party Chrome extension.

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