How to Get Piranha Plant in Smash Ultimate

Are you exploring to know how to get piranha plant in smash ultimate? Unlocking the Piranha plant in Smash Ultimate is incredibly simple and only takes a couple of minutes. Piranha Plant is that the game’s start DLC character and points the main time the devilish flower has been playable in Sakurai’s beloved brawler. Currently, there are a complete of 74 classic fighters that will be unlocked freely, but Nintendo has confirmed that this number will grow even further when a further five soldiers are going to be added as DLC.

However, fans got to wait till February 2020 if they want to redeem Persona 5’s Joker and therefore the remaining five fighters. There is tons of pleasure surrounding the upcoming Fighter Pass, but you will need to unlock Piranha Plant if you would like to finish the whole roster. Confirm you inspect our handy guide below to seek out how you’ll add Piranha Plant to Super- Smash Bros Ultimate.

How to Get Piranha Plant in Smash Ultimate

Piranha Plant was available to everyone who bought Super Smash Bros Ultimate before the top of January 2019. Initially, players who purchased the physical version of Super Smash Bros Ultimate had to register their game with a My Nintendo account. This was done by the following:

  • Pressing the Joy-Con’s plus button while highlighting the sport on the house screen.
  • From there, players had to pick the My Nintendo Rewards option, then choose Earn Points (game card version only) and select the Nintendo Account they wanted the Gold Points to be redeemed too.
  • Once the Gold Points had been alleged an email with the Piranha Plant code would be sent.

Smash Ultimate players who bought the digital version of the sport did not have to register the mark in the least. Instead, points were claimed automatically, and therefore the Piranha Plant code was emailed to the address registered with the Nintendo Account. These codes could then be redeemed by going over to the Nintendo eShop.

How to Unlock & Redeem Piranha Plant in Smash

If you’ve got barely purchased your copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and omitted on the Piranha Plant code, then you’ll buy the pesky plant for £4.49 over on the Nintendo eShop. Piranha Plant won’t be a part of the Fighters Pass, so if you would like to play because of the furious flower, you will need to get this fighter separately.

How To Get Piranha Plant In Smash Ultimate Digital Copy
How To Get Piranha Plant In Smash Ultimate Digital Copy

How to Use the Piranha Plant Amiibo

  • Scan your Piranha Plant on the proper Joy-Con controller’s right analog stick.
  • If you’re employing a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, scan your Piranha Plant over the NFC touchpoint. (Center of the controller among the left analog stick and YXAB buttons).

Having a physical copy of the Piranha Plant makes it tons easier to summon your amiibo in-game. Since you are not fudging around with download codes and pre-purchase options, you’ll use your figurine directly together with your console!

Getting Issues Redeeming Piranha Plant

Check to form sure you’ve done everything listed above to unlock him. If you are still experiencing some issues, here are some troubleshooting tips you ought to try.

  • Whether you purchased digital or physical, you will need to form sure that the email address related to your My Nintendo Rewards account is accurate and updated, as this is often the email address Nintendo will send the code to. If you’ve used the incorrect email address, you’ll get to contact Nintendo for a replacement code. Note that it’s going to take up to 10 days to receive your code
  • If your email address is accurate, check your spam folder for an email from Nintendo. It should get from the email and will show with the subject being Thanks for your buying of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game. Your 16-digit code would be during this email.
  • Already have your code? Confirm you redeem it within the Nintendo eShop. Open the eShop and attend the Redeem Code section at rock bottom. Then, use the implicit on-screen keyboard to type in your 16-digit code. You ought to see that the code is for Piranha Plant, so continue with the prompts until you’ve confirmed your download. If it tells the code has been redeemed already, keep reading.
  • If you think you’ve already saved your code for Piranha Plant and it still doesn’t display in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you’ll get to update your game. You will need to get on version 7.0, and you’ll check which one you’re on by watching the upper right corner of the most menu. If you are not updated, close your game and attend the most menu. Confirm you’re connected to the web, then plan to relaunch the sport. You will be asked whether you would like to require the update or start the sport without it. Take the update. Once you’re loaded back in, you will see confirmation that Piranha Plant is now available for your enjoyment.
  • If all else fails, you’ll get to contact Nintendo’s customer support.
How To Get Piranha Plant In Smash Bros Ultimate
How To Get Piranha Plant In Smash Bros Ultimate

Want Your Own Piranha Plant?

If you didn’t order previously your copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before Jan 31, 2019, you would need to shop for it separately. Whether you’re managing amiibo right next to your Pop! Store or adding another fighter to your army, Piranha Plant may be a must-have for any Nintendo fan. They’re iconic due to their presence in nearly every Mario game since the first release!

Add added decoration to your shelves with this new amiibo. Unlock the character as a fighter to level them up as you guide with them. The further you develop, the more Piranha Plant will mimic your playstyle once you battle with or facing them!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may be a must-have for any home. Whether you’re playing alone, together with your friends or family, or practicing for a public tournament, this game is endlessly fun. Using amiibo enables you to unlock new characters, examine out new battling opportunities, and level up your amiibo friends.


Doing so will trigger your Final Smash, and if you’ve lined it up with one or more enemies, you’ll do a tonne of damage. Are you excited to play as Piranha Plant? Let us know in the comments section below.


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