How to Go Live on TikTok? A Complete Guide

How to go live on tiktok? TikTok videos are so common that it would take living under a rock not to have seen one. TikTok videos are often expertly edited, complete with transitions and funny filters. TikTok allows you to Livestream, but did you know that? Therefore, instead of editing the perfect video, you can just broadcast a live performance to all of your followers. If you’ve built up a little following on the platform, you can go live with just a few taps and interact with your followers.

Do you want to know how to go live on TikTok? You’re in luck. What you will learn in this article will guide you through the process of live-streaming on TikTok.

The benefits of going live on TikTok are the same as those of going live on any social media platform: you can connect with your audience in real-time.

Live viewers can ask you questions and interact with you on TikTok. When you broadcast live, there is an element of spontaneity and authenticity — you are uncut, unedited, and uncensored! Live streams are a great way to drive social commerce (not to mention, anything can happen).

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hosting a series, having a conversation, sharing a tutorial, or performing, live streams give you the chance to flex your skills and build your brand.

Going live on TikTok has a unique benefit: if you’re over 18, viewers can send you virtual gifts that you can exchange for cash. It is also possible to raise funds for charity with this feature, although the “exchange rate” isn’t that good.

how many followers to go live on tiktok
how many followers to go live on tiktok

What does it take to go live on TikTok?

All accounts aren’t automatically able to use TikTok’s live stream feature. The TikTok feature is available only to users who are 16 years or older.

The Live feature on TikTok is also limited to accounts with 1,000 followers. Having said that, we have heard that there is a workaround for accounts with fewer followers. We tried it ourselves and it didn’t work, but perhaps you’ll be more successful? Read on to learn more!

How to go live on TikTok

Open the application, click +, and choose  Live: When you open the TikTok application for the first time, you’ll see the camera icon with a plus sign in the middle. Click that icon. Next, you will see Live under the record button, similar to the place where it says Camera and Templates. 

Select a thumbnail and write a title for your stream: The importance of this step may surprise you when you are faced with it in the heat of battle. You can use both a thumbnail and a title to make your stream easier to find. Even though you usually go live for your followers, making your live video public can help you reach a wider audience.

Tap Go Live: Finally, tap the option that says Go Live. And that’s all there is to it. That’s all there is to go live on TikTok. In addition to flipping the camera, adding effects, and filtering comments once you confirm you are broadcasting.

How to go live with someone on TikTok?

TikTok, along with allowing you to broadcast solo lives, also allows you to invite other people to co-host the space. You can invite up to 20 moderators simultaneously.

This is a great feature for businesses like yours hoping to expand their reach. By co-hosting with another account in the same niche, you can reach out to new audiences.

How do you go live with someone on TikTok? The steps are simple.

  • Go through all the steps to go live on TikTok first. Once you are live, you will see an icon at the bottom left that is circular and pinkish. By tapping it, you can invite others to be a co-host in your live room.
  • Next, you’ll see a list of people who have requested your live video or are watching it. Then, select the people you want to invite to the session live and tap “Add.”
  • In addition, you can join a live broadcast of someone else. If you would like to leave a comment, tap on the two-smiley icon. Joining the broadcast will be requested by clicking this link. Your request will be accepted, and you will be able to watch the live stream with the host. Live streams will be notified to all of your followers.

The best practices for a successful TikTok Live

Define the objective for the TikTok Live video

We all have an objective in life, in business, and even in a live session on TikTok. Can you tell me what your objective is? What are you hoping to share with your audience during the live session?

In order to make the next steps simpler, you must know what your goal is. It could be anything; you might go live to promote a new feature, drive traffic to other social media accounts, build engagement, or build community. There are many possibilities.

After you have answered this most crucial question, move on to the next step.

Choose a topic

Identify a topic that resonates with your objective and come up with a headline that grabs the audience’s attention.

TikTok live shows shouldn’t be one-time events. Keeping a running list of topics will allow you to maintain a steady stream. Furthermore, you can cover a broad topic in 10-15 minutes of multiple live streams over a month or a week and call it a series.

If you are a marketing agency and want to engage with startups and small businesses, then make a list of their pet peeves. If you get the problems they face, begin going live to discuss those issues at intervals you decide.

Plan the structure of your live stream

I know you are eager to hit the live button and start talking to your followers, but it may not go as smoothly as it would with a more structured approach.

Be sure to plan your beginning, end, and everything in between before you start streaming live on TikTok.

Pick the best time slot

TikTok should not be used if no audience members are on the platform at the time. TikTok live streams should be planned around your best time to post on TikTok.

Your live stream will be seen by as many people as possible if you post at the right time.

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