How to Squad Stream on Twitch in 2021

Are you exploring to know how to squat stream on Twitch? Twitch isn’t just a solo-streaming experience. If you want to stream with your friends, you can use Twitch’s new squad stream feature, where up to four streamers can combine their streams into one window for connected viewers. Here’s how.

To do this, you’ll need to be set up for Twitch streaming on your PC or mobile platform. You’ll also need to have the other Twitch users you want to Squad stream with as a friend, as somebody you understand, or to be members of the same Twitch team.

Most importantly, you’ll only be responsible for squad stream on Twitch if you have Twitch Partner status. Twitch has promised to offer this point to all Twitch streamers at a later date, but Twitch hasn’t set a timescale on when it plans to do this.

how to do squad stream on twitch
how to do squad stream on twitch

What is a Twitch Squad Streaming?

The Amazon-owned video program announced the launch of a new feature called “Squad Stream”. The release date was March 27, 2019. The original product might become a leader in multiplayer entertainment, providing viewers, streamers, and communities more ways to play, collaborate, and watch together.

This new multistream choice offers a way for up to four creators to go live and stream together within one window. Viewers can then open up a single Twitch page and quickly swap between all those streams at their leisure. Stream Squad encourages producers to collaborate actively rather than just passively promote. The feature also helps viewers by giving them additional glimpses into the action and a chance to chat with communities of creators they might not necessarily follow. The feature will allow creators to grow their organizations by teaming up with others, as it gives gamers increased exposure by playing to a broader range of fans.

The company is advertising the feature as useful for everything from tabletop streams to speedrunning sessions. But it’s going to be most helpful to the more mainstream sections of the Twitch audience that watch team-based battle arena and battle games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and League of Legends.

Twitch built this new feature for the top creators who play competitive shooters and titles with large e-sports fan bases as well as for smaller creators with more niche interests.

Because Squad Streams feature four windowed streams concurrently, the company needs to adjust the video quality of various streams on the fly, a transcoding feature only available to Twitch Partners at the moment.

how to use squad stream on twitch
how to use squad stream on twitch

How to Squad Stream on Twitch?

To participate in Squad Streams, producers can join up with one another from their Dashboard with the help of a new Squad Stream widget. They can then start their own group game by urging others to join in, or they can accept an invitation to join another team. You can control your permissions settings from your channel settings page. By default, anyone who is your buddy, teammate, or a channel you follow will be able to invite you to a group.

During streams, viewers get to see all creators in one window, which gives them different views and angles on the action. Meantime, fans can chat or cheer whoever is in the primary slot — an option they get to choose by clicking on any of the channels’ video players to make on the larger screen. Ads will play only in the primary slot, and viewership also only gets counted when a track is in the primary slot.

Sadly, the feature is launching first to Partners — the top-level streamers who are less in need of growing their community than smaller participants. The company explains this decision as a strategy due to the lack of video quality options (transcodes) on the Squad Streams — an option Partners have on their streams by default. (Affiliates only get them as they’re available, with priority access.).

When a streamer leaves a company, their viewers will remain in squad mode. If you plan on going during a live stream, make sure to let your viewers know. If you are the squad leader, the first part you invited will become the new leader.

The video quality choices allow the Squad Stream feature to display the video in the non-primary slots in a lower-quality mode, like 480p. Most gamers stream in 720p or above, so without video class options, the squad viewing experience can be taxing since it would display up to four 720p+ streams at once.

The company says it plans to roll out Squad Stream to Affiliates and all other gamers in time, as it expands its transcodes capacity.


To start or receive an invite to a group, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the “Squad Stream” widget on your Dashboard.
  2. Click on the “Add a Channel” button and type the channel you’d like to invite to your team (remember that you can invite up to 3 other channels.) By default, you can ask any live channel that is on your friend list, is a teammate, or is a channel that follows you.
  3. After the other channels have received your invites, click “Start Squad Stream.”
  4. A game ends when all members have left the organization.


[wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: Can anyone Squad stream on Twitch?”]A: By default, anyone who is your friend, teammate, or a channel you follow will be able to invite you to a squad. Any viewership you collect when your video player is in the primary slot will count towards your channel stats and be reflected in your channel analytics and stream summary.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: Do you have to be a partner to squad stream?”]A: Why is Squad Stream only available to Partners? We are rolling Squad Stream out to Partners first because of the need for video quality options (also known as transcodes) to ensure the best experience for viewers.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: Who can Squad stream?”]A: By default, any channels the streamers follow, have friended, or are on the same partners can send out Squad Stream invites. But this can be changed in the settings. During streams, viewers get to watch all producers in one window, which gives them different views on the action, Twitch explains.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: What do twitch affiliates get?”]A; Affiliates earn a 5% revenue share of the shopping that originate from their channel pages. Viewers who buy not only help support Affiliates but will also be rewarded with a Twitch Crate for any purchase of $4.99 or more.[/wps_faq]


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