How to Sync Xbox One Controller to Console in 2021

Are you exploring to know how to sync Xbox One Controller? Making your wireless controllers work with your game console is slightly different from just plugging it in, like in the old days. Luckily, console makers have made syncing wireless controllers relatively simple.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t issues with wireless controllers, though. On the Xbox One, syncing is easy, but there are many ways to troubleshoot your controllers if any problems arise. Here’s what you need to know to sync your Xbox One with your controllers and deal with any issues that might come up. If you need to sync your Xbox controller to PC instead, we have a guide for that, too.

Power up Your Controller and Turn-on Your Xbox One

Syncing your controller means powering it up. Xbox One controllers take AA batteries, but you can also get rechargeable battery packs for your controllers. Either way, make sure your controllers are juiced up before attempting to pair them — not enough power is often the cause of connectivity problems (or problems that seem like connectivity problems).

With the controller charged or fresh batteries in, please turn it on by pressing the Xbox button in the center of it. It will light up to indicate it’s been turned on. Then hit the Power button on the console.

Turn on the Xbox One Controller

Turn on the Xbox One controller you want to pair. If the Xbox light is flashing that indicates it’s ready to sync with a console. If it doesn’t turn on, make sure it’s fully charged or has a fresh set of batteries.

Use the Xbox Connect Button

Push the connect button on the Xbox One. Newer models—Xbox One S and Xbox One X—have a link button under the right side’s power button. The original Xbox One connect button is on the left side near the disc slot.

Use the Controller Connect Button

To put the controller in pairing mode, press and hold the connect button located on top of the controller. The Xbox light will stop flashing when the controller is connected.

Test the Connection

Once your controller has been connected, it’s time for a test! Load up your favorite game and see if you can play.

Xbox One Controller not Syncing

If your controller isn’t syncing, rule out the apparent hurdles:

  • Only 8 Xbox controllers can be connected to an Xbox One at a time. Additional controllers will not be paired.
  • Low batteries can prevent a controller from adequately syncing with the console. Try swapping them out for a fresh set.

Syncing Issues after a Firmware Update

Your controller may stop working if it was disconnected during a firmware update. To resolve this problem, grab a second Xbox controller.

  1. Go to Devices and Accessories.
  2. Find the controller that’s non-operational—it will be labeled with a note that says Update Required.
  3. Restart the firmware update.
  4. Do not disconnect the controller while the firmware update is in progress.

Xbox One Controller Won’t Turn-on

If you know your controller has fully charged batteries, but it still won’t turn on, try removing the batteries for at least 15 seconds. Put them back in and try to turn it on again.

Connect Xbox One Controller to Android

  1. Press and hold the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller to turn it on.
  2. Press and hold the sync button on your Xbox One controller until the Xbox button starts blinking.
  3. On your Android device, go to Settings > Bluetooth & device connection > Bluetooth > Pair new device.
  4. Locate the Xbox Wireless Controller in the list and tap it to pair.

That’s all there is to it. The Blinking Xbox button on the controller should now be reliable, and you should see it listed on your Android phone or tablet or connected.

You can now use your Xbox One wireless controller with any Android game with Bluetooth controller compatibility, giving you an edge over the competition.

how to sync xbox one controller to pc
how to sync xbox one controller to pc

How to Connect Xbox One controllers to PC using the Xbox Wireless Adapter

Windows 10 is all set and willing to work with the Xbox Wireless Adapter. Drivers will automatically install when the device is connected, so the process is most simplified.

(Note: If you have an Xbox Wireless adapter built into your computer, follow the steps for Bluetooth pairing – but, at Step seven, choose the “Everything else” option).

  • Connect the Xbox Wireless Adapter to your Windows PC and allow the drivers to install automatically.

Try to ensure where the adapter is connected to your PC provides a line of sight to the controller for the best connectivity.

  • Power up your Xbox One controller by pressing the Xbox logo in the center of the controller.
  • Locate and press the button on the Xbox Wireless Adapter.
  • Press the connect button on your Xbox One controller. It can be found on the front of the device near the micro USB port. It’s marked by a symbol that views like this: <(((>
  • Ensure the Xbox logo on your controller is blinking. This indicates it is connecting. When the logo and LED on the USB adapter both go solid, the connection is complete.
how to sync an xbox one controller
how to sync an xbox one controller

How to Connect an Xbox One Controller to PC via USB

If you don’t mind a wired connection, using a USB cable is by far the easiest way to set up an Xbox One controller with a PC. This system works for Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One Elite controllers.

All versions of the Xbox One controller hold a Micro USB connector on them. This allows you to connect them directly to a PC using a Micro USB-to-USB Type-A cable. And, since Windows can automatically acknowledge connected Xbox One controllers, there’s nothing more to it.

  • Connect your USB cable to your powered-on Windows computer.
  • Connect the Micro USB end to your Xbox One controller.
  • Touch the Xbox logo on your controller to turn it on. (If the logo briefly flashes and then turns off, your battery may be low, or the cable you’re using may only be for charging and not for data. If you know your controller is set, try using a different Micro USB cable.)
  • Enjoy your games. Once connected, Windows 10 should automatically detect the Xbox One controller, and you’ll be able to use it with games that support controller input.


When you want to use the controller again, press the Xbox button, and it should immediately start working. There’s a good chance it might accidentally turn on this way if you have the Xbox One controller stuffed in your bag.

If you’re on a trip, it’s wise to unpair the device and re-pair it when you want to play. As you’ve seen above, it doesn’t take long. To unpair, an Xbox One controller repeats the steps above and press “Forget This Device” instead of Disconnect.


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