How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft – Easy Guide

How to Tame and Breed Dogs (Wolves)

First, you will require to get a wolf in the wild. All versions of Minecraft (PC, PE, and Console) should have wolves. They spawn and live exclusively in the Forest and Taiga (any Taiga) biome. Unless you need to switch to Creative mode, you will require to get two wolves to tame to improve your pack efficiently.

To tame a wolf, you will want to feed it a bone. Gathering bones is comparatively lightly and can be done by defeating skeletons, fishing, or can also be found in chests. Progress the wolf and right-click on the animal with the bone picked. After a couple of tries, the wolf will entirely consume the bone, and you will become its master.

Once two wolves are tamed (they will change in vision), they can be bred to create your army. It is much easier to breed wolves than to continue to find the limited number that naturally spawns in the game.

To breed dogs in Minecraft, feed the wolves with any meat (not fish) including raw or cooked forms of meat, fowl, mutton, rabbit, pork chops, and even rotten flesh. Food poisoning does not apply to dogs, so raw chicken and rotten meat are perfectly fine to use. Puppies will be hungry, so hold plenty of food on hand before breeding. Console edition will restrict your dog army to 16 dogs, but that should be plenty.

Dogs will simply follow their owners, so don’t worry about losing your dogs. When your dog’s become damaged or hungry, you can heal them with meat. Fortunately, they are good at killing their heart.

how to tame a cat in minecraft 1.14
how to tame a cat in minecraft 1.14

How to Tame and Breed Cats (Ocelots)

To tame an ocelot in Minecraft, found particularly within the Jungle biome, you’ll get to feed it multiple servings or raw fish (any fish will work). However, a player can only tame a cat if the subsequent situations are met:

  • The ocelot is in begging for food mode (which implies the cat will slowly progress you).
  • The player doesn’t make sudden/quick movements as it comes.
  • The ocelot is within three blocks of the player.

When all of these are met, and the ocelot is tamed through fish, the creature will change from a Jaguar type appearance to one of 3 standard cat colors — a ginger tabby, tuxedo (from Notch’s cat), or Siamese. Unlike their dog equivalents, cats do not heal from food, only from potions.

To breed multiple cats, you need first have two tamed ocelots. Feed the cats an uncooked fish of any species, and they will start love mode, as designated with hearts above their head. It’s important to note that at least one of the parent cats needs to be mobile, as two sitting cats are unable to breed.

how to tame a cat in minecraft 1.13
how to tame a cat in minecraft 1.13

Why Build A Cat and Dog Army?

In Minecraft, getting a pack of dogs and cats (or a cat/dog army) can have many benefits. Tamed wolves will attack any mob (except creepers) that their owner assaults either attack their owner or. This gives a player with a walking army that not only protects from hostile mobs but also will attack other sorts of mobs providing a player with a big amount of loot.

For those not in PE edition, adding cats to your pack of animals will give extra advantages. Cats will repel creepers. By mixing dogs and cats, you will be virtually immune to hostile mobs. Cats can also be left patrolling your house (or base) to check creeper invasions.

Now that you simply skills to tame wolves and ocelots and breed them correctly, you’ll become the Leader of the Pack, or the crazy cat person, and build your army of Minecraft pets.


[wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: Can you tame a cat?”]A: A feral cat is a domesticated cat that has reverted to the wild and is not socialized to humans. However, if you see or are provided a fearful or scared stray cat or kitten that tolerates some human interaction without biting, you can try to tame it to make it an acceptable cat.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: How many fish does it take to tame a cat in Minecraft?”]A: You need to have at least 20 fish with you. Right, Click the Ocelot with the fish at hand, until it changes. Your new pet (The Cat) will have a casual coat: Siamese, Orange tabby, or a Tuxedo.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: How do you feed a cat in Minecraft?”]A: You can set a tamed wolf by serving them any meat other than fish. Cats – Cats can be tamed by them raw cod or raw salmon. Cats are fast to run elsewhere =, so it is important to stand still when feeding one. Cats will follow their owners and are helpful to have around because plants don’t like to go near them.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: Can you tame a witch’s cat Minecraft?”]A: One spawns in the witch hunt initially, and that’s it, they don’t keep generating. Untamed ones are enduringly sitting and can be tamed with fish as long as there are no witches nearby (so once you hit the witches that spawn there initially).[/wps_faq]


Once you fill the raw salmon to the cat, you will several likely see grey smoke rise above the cat. The cat is not yet tamed. Proceed to feed the cat more fresh fish until you view red hearts seem all around the cat.

This means that the cat is being tamed. Once the taming method is perfect, the hearts will disappear, and the cat will behave like your pet. Share your thoughts on How to tame a cat in Minecraft in the comment box section below.

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